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Nelson Research has been a member of the Microchip Consultants program since 1994 and is listed on the Microchip web pages and in the Third Party Guide formerly published by Microchip. We have participated in the Microchip Masters Program each year since they started in Arizona. We were reconfirmed as having attained Consultant Status Preferred again this year.. We have been presenting a series of seminars for Microchip at their RTC in Westborough Mass.
Nelson Research has full lab facilities allowing for the development and debug of electronic products using embedded microprocessors. The lab is equipped with oscilloscopes, meters, soldering stations, emulators, device programmers, USB microscopes, and computer systems. We use Microchips ICD3, ICD4 and Real Ice emulators to allow a full speed emulation and a PICSTART PLUS programmer and Promate Programmers in the lab and while portable at a clients site. We use Real Ice, ICD3, Pickit 2, and Pickit 3 dev tools along with a wide assortment of demo boards and Pictail modules. We also have a PICMASTER for older device emulation and two Microchip PROMATEs for device programming in the lab. We can support all Microchip processors.
With us your older designs are never orphans. New projects use the current tools but we have many older development tools and computers supporting them available for use. Software is developed primarily with the MPLABS software from Microchip and the XC8, XC16, and XC32 compilers. A lot of our legacy code was written directly in assembly language for maximum optimization of code space, performance, and speed so we can use the tools best suited to your project needs. We also have used several different C compilers including HiTech C and CCS C. We can use Picbasic Pro as required to migrate from Parallax Basic Stamps to meet our clients needs quickly. With a broad range of projects successfully completed we are prepared to assist you with all phases of your projects.
We will be happy to bid on any parts of your project or provide a full turn key solution. Contact us today for a quotation on your project.
We have published several design ideas with Microchip. These include creating a negative voltage with one pin, a simple relative humidity controller, a pulsed optical proximity controller, and a method of using a single A/D input pin to read multiple switches. These were contest winning designs with microchip that were published in a book of design ideas.
Nelson Research is listed with Microchip and is a Preferred member of their Consultants program.

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